1960 Norton Manxman 650 twin . N.E.C Footman James Classic Mototrcycle Show. 2012

by anna j Dixon
(howden east yorks)

2012 Norton Manxman 650 1960 at the Footman James Classic Motorcycle show 2012

2012 Norton Manxman 650 1960 at the Footman James Classic Motorcycle show 2012

This machine was built in December of 1960 and Exported by the 13th of January 1961 were it then spent 38 years in the USA around New York and New Jersey . I have new jersey plate off this bike , I bought this bike in December 2006 then set about finding the history on these machines and set up the Norton Manxman register under the Norton Owners Club uk , then set about rebuilding the machine back to factory specification witch I then found vary hard too do as part were not available in this country its country of origin. as they were built in limited numbers and all went for export. so a Monmouth task and with very little cash to do it with. so a lot of very hard work was the answer and months on research just on the paint work and colour specification , then more research on the seat colour then more and more research on various parts on the machine like the exhaust pipes and silencers I did all the work on the rebuild even down to rebuilding the wheels with new rims the old spoke were very good condition so I reused them and just clean them and replaced the bass chrome nipples the mudguards were ok but the engine and box was rebuild by me the cylinder head got a lot of my attention as did the bore was re-honed just to get the shine of and get a nice cross hatch on the bore new piston ring of original origin was found by members of the club the silencer were donated to me by a friend in Sweden he has a manxman too he as had his from new . and as collected many part over the years he was very pleased to help me out and a big thanks to him , as the silencer are unobtainable , no one makes them , so these are the original silencer for these machines . the photo was taken by a member of the club and sent to me vis email yours anna j Dixon

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