1962 Triumph 6T Thunderbird

by Yazdie N Panthaki
(Bombay, India.)

After 18 years of restoration

After 18 years of restoration

After 18 years of restoration 24k gold end-pipes... just kiddin' At he foot of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ellora Caves...

Hello Andy... fascinating site you have here! Congratulations. I stumbled upon your site through searching for parts, gizmos etc for my 1962 Triumph Thunderbird 6-T.

I am only sending whatever pics I already have, and have just gone through your very elaborate and educative page on how to make a 6 picture set. Great work there! Will work on it soon.

The bike, she was bought in 1991 in New Delhi for about $ 150 and was half under the compound mud against a wall. Missing all but the frame, engine, tanks and rims.

The first picture is of her coming out of my one-man-show bike re-builder, after 18 years of collecting parts and procrastinating!!!

The second is in the open-air parking space of my apartment building in Bombay where I live.

The third, is at the world famous UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE of the Ellora Caves in mid-western India. You can crop this one to show the right side view of my baby. I call her "The Bird" in honor of Charlie "Bird" Parker.

She's 1962 alright but could not find the bath-tubs. The front fender is correct. Oil tank and tool-box are not of the bath-tub model. Someone must have changed them to use without the bath-tubs, as they did in the US. The front hub was later changed in the third photo to '67 or'68 TLS. The mufflers were far too silent so I just fabbed brass pipes as I love polished brass and wanted a touch of it on her. Switch gear is from a '67 Bonneville model I think. The seat I got free from London. It's not correct but, I like the rear shape matching the rear fender! The distributor has been modified by Kirby Rowbotham internally to maintain authenticity and work with the PAZON electronic ignition under the seat.

The engine and frame (Duplex) are correct for 1962 with the "Ramp-cam" cartwheel mark prefixing the Engine No. D18401

Had real bad luck with two new made Amal Monoblocs 376s and finally it's the 1962 original one (that was thrown to junk)that is working and idling nicely now. That after boiling in detergent for 3 days!!!

There is an oil pressure light LED where the kill-button should be. I like my bikes practical and functional rather than show-pieces, as I use them for daily commuting and cross-country trips, four or five times a year. The paint is Shell-Blue which is correct but without the bottom of the tank being black, as I prefer. The parcel grid has an extra rod in the middle which should not be there. A high-output SPARX alternator powers halogen lights and a 14Ah battery.

Am just sending you these pics as you have no picture for the 1962 entry. Or you may use them for wherever else on the site.

Thank you once again for all the effort you have put into your wonderful site.

May British Iron forever live on.

Yazdie. Bombay, India.

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Nov 06, 2015
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by: Dennis Davis

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Aug 05, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 28, 2011
by: Dee

Good work keep it up Yazdie !!!

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