1971 750cc Norton Commando Roadster

by Andrew G Casados
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Andrew's 1971 Norton Commando Roadster Character shot

Andrew's 1971 Norton Commando Roadster Character shot

Andrew's 1971 Norton Commando Roadster Character shot Andrew's 1971 Norton Commando Roadster detali shot

Here are the final 2 photos of the set of 6 you requested.

I purchased this Norton brand new in the spring of 1971 and have owned her the entire time. I purchased her from a gentleman named Henry Rissman who owned Rismman Motors here in Albuquerque. The bike was originally a deep Purple with large metalflakes but I painted her Black a few years ago. I replaced the Amal Carbs with Mikuni Carbs about five years ago after the Amal's wore out. I replaced the stock dual points with a Boyer electronic ignition system about three years ago. I replaced the original fiberglass tank with a metal tank after the modern gasoline rotted out the fiberglass tank. I replaced the original oil line with a steel braided oil line and swapped out the spindle covers with stainless steel spindle covers. The tyres are the original make and model Avon tyres that came with the bike. I built my own seat after the seat wore out and installed the current handlebars for comfort. She is my daily rider from April until November every year. Not sure how many miles she has as I have replaced the speedo several times. After riding her for 13 years I still get a thrill every time I open her up. Every Norton owner knows what I'm talking about when I say that. She is very unique and rare in a world full of Harly's and rice burners.
"You have my permission to use the photos & text about my motorcycle in any way you want on your website, without compensation to me."

Andrew G Casados
2426 Del Sur Dr. SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87105

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Oct 07, 2015
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