1979 Triumph Bonneville Special

by Randal Slater
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

I'm 52 years old, and I've been riding since I was 16. I bought the Triumph Bonneville Special brand new in 1979 at Brooks Cyclery, in San Jose, CA. It has just a little over 24,000 original miles. It's 99% original. I had to change the fuel petcocks because the originals were made of teflon and the lever was made of brass. It came stock with lester mags.

You have my permission to use the photos and text about my motorcycle in any way you want on your website, without compensation to me.

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by: Nazmeen

Yes, this bike looking very special. I don't believe that this bike is 1979 model and almost 36 years old. This bike name which is Triumph Bonneville new for me. Now such names of bike don't find anywhere in the world. any how, I also found a essayhere link in this site which have sound informative content for read about bikes and old cars.

May 30, 2011
Chain and Sprocket
by: Randal

This bike has so much torque that I have gone through three separate sprockets and chains. The teeth of the rear sprocket would break off, and the chain would stretch out of shape. The last couple of years I haven't had this problem though, whether it is because of a better sprocket and chain or to my increased girth, time will tell.

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