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August 2011 - Issue #6

* I broke my foot! OUCH!!
- Clumsy oaf...
* Auction at Pebble Beach next week - Can I make it with a bum leg?
* CBM soars to new heights! - Our website traffic continues to astound!

So, last Wed I'm heading down a couple of steps at my house, I get tangled up in a spider web with a big, nasty looking spider in the middle of it, just inches from my face, all while I'm taking these 2 steps. Distracted, I stepped on a piece of wood my faithful dog, Otis, has been chewing on & down I went. My foot bent under me sideways & I landed on it with all my weight. It fractured the bone that sticks out the side of your foot, all the way through. It's the tail-end of your big toe. Hurt like hell! Doc says this is a very common injury & one that heals well, if I don't screw it up again. So, I have a big cast on my right foot for the next 2 weeks, then more X-rays & hopefully a lighter, removable walking cast. Hobbling around like a 3-legged dog, now I just have to make sure I don't fall & break my other foot!

Just one question: How am I going to kickstart my Bonneville?

Otis, my Olde English Bulldogge in CBM's Technical Center (my garage). You can see the tail end of my Harley on the left. I'd love to blame this on Otis. After all, he did leave the piece of wood there, after chewing it, didn't he? But, he's just too darned cute...and it was my own stupid fault after all...or was it that spider?

Sponsored by the BSAOC (BSA Owners Club) Norcal & Socal Chapters, the California BSA Rally will be in Visalia CA this year, "The Gateway to the Sequoias". I grew up about 20 miles from Visalia & I can tell you that Visalia & the hills surrounding it are beautiful & offer some great riding. There will be 2 days of organized rides, a judged show & much more. It takes place Thursday through Sunday, September 8th through the 11th. For more info, call Jim Tomich (408) 377-9457 (Norcal); or Burt Barrett (661) 832-6109(Socal)

My plan all along has been to ride my '79 T140D Bonneville Project Bike with a group of fellow Brit Bike Nuts leaving Rabers in San Jose CA. I've been getting my bike ready for weeks & I'd just gotten it good enough to trust on a trip like this (maybe 250 miles). Now I've gone & broken my foot. Again, how am I going to kickstart my Bonnie with a cast on my right foot? And should I be riding a motorcycle anyway? I considered mastering the lost art of left-foot kicking. Never easy but perhaps near-impossible with a cast on my right...and risky. Another possible solution for the man who has no sense of restraint would be to rely on others in the group to kickstart it for me, as needed. I've seen this done before on other BSAOC rides, & it's certainly feasible. But a big pain in the ass & one I don't relish. But, this is one of the few groups where something like that could work. This is a great bunch of people, the kind who will never leave you behind. Someone breaks down, we all stop, scratch our heads & find a way to get him back on the road. If not, the chase truck isn't too far behind. If you'd love to get that old Brit Iron out & ride it, this would be an ideal scenario: Good weather, great people, a cool destination & a chase truck. I suppose I'd have to be insane to chance messing up my foot again, so I probably won't ride after all (can you see my brain working this out?), but I may drive. We'll see. Right now, my cast feels tight, the fracture hurts & my toes are turning colors. This is one decision that will have to wait.

Pebble Beach is a gorgeous country club set on the picturesque California Coast, near Monterey. Besides legendary golf, it's also famous for hosting one of the world's most prestigious car shows, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. If you want to see some of the world's finest & most expensive classic & exotic cars, this is the place. MidAmerica Auctions will be presenting a Classic Motorcycle Auction as part of the event. However, this will not be a traditional live auction, like the one they have every January in Las Vegas. Instead, this will be an "Auction Marketplace", what MidAmerica calls a couple of hundred classic motorcycles that are for sale in one venue. These bikes can be bid on, many with starting bid prices on them, some with 'instant buy' prices as well. The Auction Marketplace runs from Friday, August 19 at 10:00 am to Sunday, August 21 at 4:00 pm, that's this weekend. Even if you're not in the market for a classic motorcycle, this is one helluva a classic motorcycle show as well, and admission to the auction is FREE! And did I mention its at Pebble Beach? I'm planning to attend, cast and all. And I'll be taking lots of pictures & will cover the event in Classic-British-Motorcycles.com.
As mentioned last week, our daily website traffic on Classic-British-Motorcycles.com (CBM) has been growing quite rapidly, of late. Having just started this website from scratch barely 10 months ago, we've grown from one Unique Visitor per Day (the standard of measure for website traffic) to well above 600, as announced in the last Brit Iron. Well, right after I wrote that, the next day (the 7th) the traffic jumped to 788 Unique Visitors per Day. I was blown away! Then things got real weird - the next day, it shot up to 833 & the next 800 even. What's this? It was 760 the following day, then it dropped back down into the high-600's. What the heck? Today, 741 Unique Visitors found my site. What a ride!

I want to blow the roof off this thing. And you can help. Pass a link to my site along to your friends, family & fellow Brit Bike Nuts. Tell them about it & ask them to go see it for themselves. Once they get a load of all those eye-popping pictures, they'll be back. Thanks...

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Enjoy the ride,