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"Brit Iron" #36
January 31, 2015

"BRIT IRON" takes you behind the scenes at

Jan 2015 - Issue #36


HOWDY! - Happy New Year, I'm still on the mend.
BACK AT IT SOON - I'm gettin' sick of this crap!
WE'RE ON TV! ...well, almost.
NO AUCTIONS THIS YEAR - One more thing I've had to give up!
SPECS ARE HERE! - Specs on every page now.
NEW PLATORM - In pursuit of an ever-improving website.
SOCIALIZE! - Now you can post our pages on Facebook.
WEIRD STUFF- GIVE IT A NEW NAME - Tell me your thoughts

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all goes incredibly well for you over the coming year and into your future. Make it the way you want it. I've been trying but, it’s been a longer, slower recovery from my December 9 elbow surgery than I had anticipated. After the brace came off, I can use it, but I can’t lift anything or grip anything too hard for another week now. This has prevented any real progress on ”Project Royal Clone, other than picking up some odds and ends that I needed, including a tiny little O-ring that goes on the shifter shaft, that prevented me from installing the primary cover. I can probably do that much, left-handed. I’m getting much better with my left. Maybe that’s a good thing. But while at Raber’s picking up a 50-cent O-ring, I spotted these luscious polished stainless steel inspection caps to replace my dull aluminum ones. I had planned on polishing them, to make them really stand out against the blacked-out engine covers, but these babies will be even better! Unfortunately, these pictures don’t do them justice. They fail to show just how eye-popping these stainless caps really are! But you can see how the soft aluminum caps get beat up from loosening and tightening, something that won’t affect the much harder stainless units.


Well...not exactly. Pictures of one of the motorcycles from our pages will be on the History Channel TV series “American Pickers”. They’ve called us a couple of times now because the boys were looking for old Brit bikes and needed some photos to show for reference. This time, they asked for photos of a ’69 Norton Commando and I happened to have some nice ones of a ’69 Fastback that I took at the Las Vegas Auction. Last time it didn’t happen. This time, who knows? I haven’t gotten a date as to when the show will air, but when I do, I will send you out a special notice so that you can watch. Not much glory in it. There will probably be one photo that lasts a couple of seconds, they won’t allow me to use the website name (which is a URL) in the credits of the show, so my name, Andy Tallone, will be listed in the credits. Who cares, I just want to promote my website. Oh well. We takes what we can gets.

I’m getting real sick of this convalescing shit, but fortunately my next followup with my elbow surgeon is this coming week and I think I’ll be cleared for light duty, the gradually as it gets stronger will be able to return to my normal level of abuse. No, I hope not. In fact, I’m trying real hard to retrain myself not to bear down on everything so hard, much harder than is needed in most cases. It’s hard on them, but its even harder on my joints. Years of this is wearing me out. Either way, I’ve got a motorcycle to finish and I can’t wait to get back to it.

I had big plans (and reservations) to drive down to Las Vegas to attend this year’s Motorcycle Auction Week, then on to Scottsdale for Barrett-Jackson and all the other classic car auctions down there during Car Auction Week. Big plans that alas did not come to fruition. My darned elbow recovery made it impossible to handle the big heavy camera I use to take pictures. And I take literally thousands of pictures at these events, and it simply would have been impossible for me to do with my arm like it is. And risky. I’ve gone through too much with it to risk undoing it all now. And, while it would have been cool to do, what’s the point of going to events like these and not take any pictures? You maybe, but I’m building two websites, one about Classic British Motorcycles and the other American Muscle Cars, so I have no excuse. I hated missing them, I really needed the pictures, but hey, I built 61 new pages in the time I would have been gone.


Last month I told you about my building 61 new pages on over the past month of downtime following my elbow surgery. I also mentioned that most of those pages were occupied with only pictures and headlines. The Specifications and Text were missing on most of them. Well, over this past month I’ve installed the Specs on every Bike Page. And soon, I hope to have history, stories and other text on them as well. This most recent filling-in has made a major difference in the content depth and breadth of the site. I plan to continue to add new pages as pictures become available, and to continue to flesh out existing pages, constantly improving and embellishing the site overall.

The website building platform that I use to build, SBI, upgraded their system a couple of years ago, during my hiatus from building pages. All the pages I had built up until them were built using the old system, which which they call BB1. When I returned to it last spring and started building pages again, it was under the new system, BB2. BB2 gives me many more options and ultimately allows me to build better pages faster, and to do things site-wide. I can convert the old BB1 pages on my site to BB2 pages simply by rebuilding them using the new system. But remember, that’s almost 200 pages. After adding 61 new pages (all BB2 of course), I started converting all my BB1 pages over to BB2, rebuilding one page after another.

It’s been like a journey through time for me to see what I was writing, and how I built those early pages four years ago. Much has changed since then, and I’ve refined by methods, and tried to establish a uniform look and feel that is consistent throughout the site. Redoing all those older pages has allowed me not only to render to them all the advantages that the new BB2 platform brings to the table, but also to install all the new standard features, and in some cases rewrite the content and drop in new pictures. Overall, everything that I’ve done so far has improved in some way. You may notice it when you peruse the site. Let me know your impressions. I’m very interested in what you think.

There is a new set of buttons near the bottom of all my pages that allows you to click through to your Facebook page or Twitter, and share the page of my website that you’re on, that you like. This new box of buttons is easy to spot, it has a bright purple bar going across the page, near the bottom. Any chance you get, if you’re on a page on my site and you happen to do Facebook or Twitter, please click through and post that page so that others too can discover And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and “like” everything you see. Thanks for your support.


That’s right. This age-old tradition of ours is evolving with everything else we do here. And I never really liked the name that much anyway. So, I’m leaving it up to you. I need suggestions. Anyone have a good idea of the name of this column? I think it should express not just the weird side but also the whimsical and humorous sides as well. Write in with your suggestions. I’ll publish them all in the next issue of Brit Iron. Now I’m on the spot, so you’d better send some in, or I’m going to look bad. Thank you.

What can I say? Hallelujah! Praise the Lo... I mean, the Unitarian Universalist.


We've got a wonderful new crop of classic motorcycle calendars for 2015. Please buy yours here. It helps the site. Visit our MOTORCYCLE CALENDARS page and pick yours out today. Thank you.

Well, that's it...for this issue, and for this year. Have a wonderful holiday, and a tremendous new year.

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