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September 2011 - Issue #10

At long last!
* WE RELAUNCH CBM's BOOKSTORE So buy your Motorcycle Books and Magazine Subscriptions here.
* CONGRATS TO A FRIEND whose bike is on the cover of 'Motorcycle Classics' magazine this month.
* EGLI POSTER OFFER Some people didn't get theres...oops!
* MORE OF ANDY'S WIERD STUFF...and this one stinks...like fish.


As you may already know, I fractured my 5th metatarsal bone in my right foot about 6 weeks ago. A very mundane & clumsy move on my part. Nothing sexy. Although I had considered coming up with a much better story..."So, I'm jumping my Gold Star over these seven school buses...end-to-end..." But, after 6 weeks in a cast, right in the middle of riding season, & costing me several great rides, I finally got this damned cast off my foot this last Friday. I don't know what I was expecting. That I'd be as good as new? Ready to jump on my Bonnie & kickstart the hell out of it? The reality is quite different. It still hurts like hell, I'm still limping around almost as if I still had the cast on, and doctor says I've got to be very careful with it for the next 3 weeks. 3 weeks is perfect, because that's just about how long it is until the ride to the San Luis Obispo Classic Motorcycle Show on October 6-9, and I'm going...


The growth of this site, both in content & in traffic, has allowed us to begin monetizing the site. We've started with books & magazines aimed at Motorcycle Enthusiasts & Classic British Motorcycle Nuts in particular. We now carry literally hundreds of books on Motorcycles, Classic Motorcycle, British Motorcycles, Motorcycle Repair, Restoration & Modification, Motorcycle Racing & more. We're busy adding inventory all the time. Our first attempt to open our bookstore was through an affiliation with Amazon.com. But Amazon has deemed it unwise to work with businesses from California & so the first store fizzled. We now have become affiliated with Barnes & Noble and as such we have access for their full inventory. However, we're just picking out the best of the books about motorcycles. Check out our two new pages: Motorcycle Books and Motorcycle Magazine Subscriptions. And we'd appreciated it if you'd order your Motorcycle Books & Motorcycle Magazine Subscriptions through us. Thank you in advance.


John's '62 BSA Gold Star was the cover bike on this month's 'Motorcycle Classics' Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011 issue). And that's just about the biggest honor a Classic British Motorcycle Nut can have (short of winning the Isle of Man or something). All kudos & congratulations go to John. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. John is a died-in-the-wool Brit Iron fanatic & a member of the same chapter of the BSA Owners Club NorCal as I am & we've ridden together on some rides. He's always on something interesting (and British), and he brought an absolutely scrumptious '48 Matchless G80 to last year's Clubmans Show. But this is a huge honor to have a bike that you built on the cover of a major classic motorcycle magazine like 'Motorcycle Classics'. And the article on the bike was stupendous, and a full 6 pages long! I was savoring the article myself when I spotted John's name in it. As I read further, they talked of him buying a Gold Star some years back in New York, so I thought, this is not the same John Niesley. But then they mentioned Sacramento CA, then that he was in a BSA club, and that was it. So again, congratulations John and all the best!


(in more ways than one)

As you know, I have offered a free 11X17 poster download of this drop-dead gorgeous Egli-Vincent as my way of saying thanks to all who subscribe to this e-zine, "Brit Iron". However, due to technical difficulties beyond my control (and beyond my understanding) the link to the Poster Download went down for a while recently, and some of my new subscribers may have missed out on their free download. The link is now working again, and here it is:
Again, this poster & image are the property of Classic-British-Motorcycles.com & are copyrighted as such. I am granting you permission to make one poster for yourself with it, nothing more. You are not allowed to send it to anyone else or reproduce it for any reason beyond your one personal copy. Please respect our intellectual property rights. Thank you.


We encourage our readers to send us pictures of their bikes, their travels on bikes, and whatever else they would like to share with us. One of our most avid readers, Ramon Perez just returned from England. And while there in Birmingham, he visited the old BSA Motorcycle factory, which is still standing today. But they no longer make motorcycles of course. Today they concentrate mostly on rifle scopes. Thanks, Ramon.


I call it "The Fish Van" and I spotted it in a parking lot of a fast food establishment. It's actually pretty well made with lots of intricate details. It looks equipped to live in, sort of a mobile, open-air camper.

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