Model in 1/8 scale of a Norton Manx,full scratch-buld

by Angelo Angus Bonaldo
(Turin Motor City,ITALY)

Hello Andy, my name is Angus, and I live in North Italy.In first, I want to apologize for my bad english (I'll never studied eng at school,the very little I know I learn talking with some mother'language), and for the bad pictures, made with the camera of an old phone, I haven't a digital camera.OK,I start with my compliments, whenever I get your newsletter I am taking the time to read it all right, is very well done, interesting, beautiful photos and very nice to the all.Bravo Andy.OK,now me me.I'm an avid modeller, I love to build, or try to, "old" glories two wheels, especially British, scale 1/8 or 1/9.The peculiarity is that I try to do that for me all in scratch-build, not buy a kit and I mount it, but I try to modelling individual pieces,aluminium,brass,resin, plastic, iron, or pieces of recovery from garbage. sometimes making rubber molds, but always with little means, but a lot Amore.I am unemployed, have health problems despite I am 40 years old, and field a few hundred dollars at month.The Passion keeps me alive, and good umore.I try to send you some photos, especially of a Manx Norton that I'm building for a contest of an Italian forum, the cylinder of Triumph Tiger that I'm starting (both made with strips of aluminum, shaped and put one on another. And finally, a collection of some details (including the frame "Featherbed", made in soldered brass) of my Norton Manx.I hope don't bored you with my mail, if you are interested I'll keep you informed with the progress of the work.And if I can,and you are happy, I will send you a present of a Manx engine, finished the contest I would like to build another couple of.Ciao Andy, thank you for your passion and for your newsletters that I cheer a few hours!My best regards,takecare of you,much respect.Angelo Angus Bonaldo , c/o

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