Return of the Yellow Bike

First off, what is the Yellow Bike? It's my personal favorite motorcycle that I've ever owned, and I've owned several. It started out life as a '73 Triumph TR7 that I built from scratch, nearly down to the last nut-and-bolt. It's the bike I always dreamed of building in my youth, but never had the resources. I started on it in 2002 or so, rode it all over the state, won shows with it, saw it written about in magazines, then for some unknown (and foolish) reason, I sold it in 2009 at the Vegas auction. I never saw it again, but always regretted selling it. Recently a good friend of mine said he'd seen it, and the detective work began. I tracked it down, then bought it back from the guy who bought it at the auction. it was one of the happiest days of my life. This page will follow the journey from finding it to getting it running again and back on the road, and back between my legs, where it belongs. For the whole story, please visit our page on the Yellow Bike.
ABOVE: Carey Stewart bought the Yellow Bike at the MidAmerica Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas in 2009. He was nice enough to sell it back to me. He never even started it in 7 years. He has quite an impressive collection of motorcycles already, so it's not like he's going to be doing without.
BELOW: Some of the bikes in Carey's collection. He's selling some of them. Check out his website at
ABOVE & BELOW: After the negotiations, they helped me load the Yellow Bike into the back of my truck for the long journey home. It was way the hell up in the mountains, east of Fresno CA, nearly Squaw Valley.
ABOVE: The Yellow Bike back in my shop at home. Ahhh, that feels good! But it needs a lot of stuff to be roadworthy again. The tires were cracked, and all the fuel lines and other soft rubber parts need replacing. I'll remove and strip the carburetors to get rid of that 7-year-old gas now turned to gunk, not to mention having the old tank liner removed and a new one installed that works with the new gas. And lets not forget about that old battery.
BELOW: Up on jacks, the first step was removing the wheels for their trip to Rabers for new tires, tubes, a balance & truing.
I've been gathering bits and pieces since the bike arrived. The entire fuel system was gunked up with 7-year-old gas. The carbs were stripped and rebuilt, all new fuel lines and filter, and I had the gas tank professionally stripped. In the process, they found a crack in one of the seams, so the tank had to be welded, ruining my gorgeous Yellow Bike paintjob! Oh well, maybe the new paintjob will be an improvement. I have some ideas...

Now it's time to start putting all the pieces back together. Lucky thing I have a good garage heater!

I will keep you informed of the progress as I go. Stay tuned. And again, for the whole history of my favorite bike, please visit our page on the Yellow Bike. More to come soon...

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Last updated 1/1/17

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