the one you forgot My Norton Manxman 650twin

by anna j dixon
(East Yorkshire )

norton manxman sales poster

norton manxman sales poster

norton manxman sales poster my bike NMM Nov 2011 Ann Margret on a Manxman 1963 NEC  Pried of place NOC stand 2011

Hello The One You forgot about A Norton Manxman 650twin The First Norton Motorcycle with a All new restyled Engine These Iconic Motorcycles Were Built For Export Only And they were very special indeed ,the one thing you do not know much about them this is self evident These Machine were Built one year before the 650SS And 650 De-lux And 650 Standard They were Built from November 7th 1960 to September 1961 And there was only 654 ever built one is in the Falkland isles 99 went Australia 25 to Sweden , the rest went too the USA we do know there are 19 still in there original wooden boxes tucked a way in a warehouse in New Jersey ,When these come to light it anyones guess, there was 6 of these machines in Hollywood Movies and are still owned by movie stars , Mt one I found through a Friend it was not in a good state and needed a lot of work witch I have carried out my self with very little farmed out, the help I have had was from Quality Chrome They did What I needed to do, and paintwork is my own and so is the engine and gear box rebuilds the wheel have been rebuilt by me, and the bike has been rebuilt by me some small parts I still have to find in the carb department like the special inlet sleeves that was fitted between the carburettors and the inlet spacers with out these items I cannot fit the twin Carburetters as the engine will not run right with out them , its still on the single carburettor it came with ! and runs Ok with this for now yours Anna J Dixon A female Restorer lady rider

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Mar 07, 2016
Is my bike a 650 SS or a Manxman ? NEW
by: Jim G

I have a 650 Norton with a magneto , alternator, zenor diode with twin carbs and originally a 6 volt system. From what I have read the first 650 made was serial number 93601 and mine is 93602, does anybody know what mine could be, and when I first purchased the bike the frame was painted black but some years after I decided to repaint the frame and discovered that it was once a polychromatic blue

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