1967 Triumph TR6C

by Jerry
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

I bought it in 1967 from a brochure i saw in a Triumph dealer in Toronto when I was in high school.It came stock with knobby dunlop trial tires, that was a very cool tough look in 67 the bike got looks every where i went . When I parked it guys always came around it to talk & aske questions.It was stolen once, I was camped on a sandy beach at a very popular lake. In the early morning i woke and the bike had been beside me all night but was gon. I saw foot prints in the packed sand as well as my knobby tire prints which were realy easy to follow. I followed the tracks for about a mile, at that point I saw in the sand the thief tried to start it the wheel prints and foot prints were much deeper and many foot prints in one spot.The bike took a certain sequence of actions to start...if not followed no way would it run. I could tell it wasnt started ,but it changed direction and headed to a paved road. As I followed I began to loose hope of recovery.....as I walked along the paved country road it had high grass edges ,no sholder but deep ditches. I walked a short distance and saw the grass had been trampled just a few steps ahead as I reached the flattened area I could see my rear tire sticking up ,the thief had shoved it into the steep ditch but I got it back.
I rode it regularly & met my wife on it we got married...bought a car the Triumph went in and out of storage I rode it a few times.
till 1993 Then it went into permanent storage till 2009. That year I got a job that I had to travel to different locations each day in Toronto, the gas was expensive .I decided to see if the Triumph would run, it was put away wet as they say oil in the engine gas had evaporated,the bike had a magneto... I put gase in the tank opened the cock which was very stiff, it had kept the fuel out of the carb I tickeled the Amal till the fuel ran freely onto the ground ,set the choke went through my starting sequence kicked it over three times & it burst into life, I couldnt believ it I would have bet my life there was no way it would start so easy.The tires were original 45 years old the knobs where breaking off and hitting the fenders as I rode on the highway at 60 MPH to work the next day. My first paycheck I put new tires , did all oil changes. For the next 2 years I tried to ride it from March to Nov. but once a week something would break or vibrate off.I have replaced or rebult carb , clutch, magneto. oil pump added an after market oil filter system. This year 2012 I began riding in March very eary season, it is the first year I have not broken down. I got a shop service manual and adjust, repair, or replace everything myself.In 2009 the bike had 11,079 miles on the odometer. This week I saw 24,800 miles and runs great. I turned 64 this past may and I ride every day as long as no rain.My son and wife cant believ I wont take my car on cool days.Its great to truly feel 19 from May to Nov. each year.

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