1971 BSA A75RV

by James Quilter

71 BSA A75RV

71 BSA A75RV

This A75RV left the factory on the 21st of February in 1971, dispatched to BSA Baltimore USA.
I inherited the BSA from a dear friends estate in 2007. We rode together since 84. He on the Rocket and I on various other machines breaking the ton on more then several occasions.
I believe the R3 was purchased by the 2nd owner from the Hap Jones-Dave Golden dealership in San Francisco mid to late 70's
This is one of the limited factory 5 speeds. I repainted it. Chrome, wheels,gauges,seat,wiring,frame paint etc...are original. TripleTecs freshened the motor, new brakes,tires,shocks,battery and electronic ignition and its a dependable rider. 10 times a month I ride my 50 mile loop here in the Sierra foothills. It rides and handles wonderfully.
I look forward to many more years of riding and showing enjoyment.
I own a couple other bikes. Of my daughter they ask, Which one is his favorite? She chimes....
"The One He's Riding, Silly"

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