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BRIT IRON takes you behind the scenes
October 31, 2017

October 2017

Since 1990, every January, throngs of the motorcycle faithful flock to Las Vegas for the world's largest motorcycle auction. I have attended this annual pilgrimage myself nearly every year, taking pictures and videos for my website It's that time again, and I'm planning my next Vegas trip now. Mecum Auctions (famous for their huge classic car auctions on TV) bought MidAmerica Auction Co, the ones who started the whole Vegas thing nearly 30 years ago, and have taken this already epic auction to new heights. MidAmerica managed to grow the Vegas event from a one-day sale with a couple hundred bikes up to a 3-day sale with 700 bikes. Since Mecum took over a couple of years ago, it has grown steadily. By 2017 it had grown to 4-days and 1,000 bikes! Wow! This year, it's grown again, now to 5-days and 1,750 bikes. The Mecum Auction will take place at the South Point Resort & Casino from Tuesday, January 23, 2018 through Saturday, January 27, 2018. But let's not forget about Bonham's Auction Co. They return to Vegas this year with another one-day Sale on Thursday, January 25 across town at the Rio Hotel & Casino, with around 200 bikes on sale. It promises to be one heckuva week, nearly 2,000 bikes in all. I'm not buying or selling this year. Just taking tons of gorgeous pictures and video for you, my loyal followers. We stay at the South Point when we go, which is not only convenient, but has us sharing elevators and gaming tables with other bike nuts like ourselves. An added bonus. Maybe we'll see you there.

I just love buying a new motorcycle calendar each year. It's sort of a ritual. I get to buy two, one for my office and one for my shop. Not nearly enough to do justice to the dozens for gorgeous motorcycle calendars that are available to us today. The nice thing about new calendars these days is that they're 16-month calendars. This means that a 2018 calendar starts out with September 2017, then runs all the way through the end of 2018. So now you don't have to wait. You can buy your new motorcycle calendar today and get a few more months of enjoyment out of it. And if you're planning on buying your new 2018 motorcycle calendar, please visit our Motorcycle Calendars-page and buy it here. It's one of the ways we help support this website and attend the motorcycle shows, auctions and events that we cover every year. We have an excellent selection at very competitive prices. Fast shipping too. Thank you.


CBM BREAKING NEW RECORDS (CBM for short) just hit a new milestone this month. As our traffic continues to grow, we've had three prior occasions this year so far where our traffic topped 200,000 page-views (hits) per month. This month, with one day left to tally in October, we're already at 220,167 hits for the month! Our biggest page was the BSA-Mahindra-page with 50,636 hits on it for the month! That's one hot story, and if you haven't read it yet, please check it out. We continue to grow and expand, and it's all for you. You have been very generous with your time to visit my website so often, and to drive our traffic forever upward. I thank you personally for that. It means a great deal to me that people value this information and seek it out. The next level of our evolution will be to reach more people who may have never been exposed to classic Brit bikes. We need to find a way to introduce a new generation of Brit bike nuts to the fold. Maybe you can help.

One of the ways I support this website is through the sale of all kinds of motorcycle related crap. Motorcycle books, repair manuals, magazine subscriptions, calendars, tools, tires, chains, diecast models, and on and on. Surely there is something in there that you can use, or that you’re getting ready to buy. Please peruse our Online Store or go to any of the specific departments within the Store. Everything is through Amazon, so you can rest assured the item will get there, the shipping will be fast and cheap, and you’ll be covered by a 30-day return policy. Any and every purchase is much appreciated. Thank you for your business in advance.

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