by Dominic Bunraj
(Songkhla Thailand)


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Hello Sir

I came across this BSA on a Thai buy and sell website. It seems as though it was covered during the Tsunami with sea water and is corroded badly judging from the pictures.

I am a foreigner married to a Thai woman living in Thailand and I am also a motorcycle enthusiast. My first bike as a 17 year old teen was supposed to be a 650 BSA but the owner convinced me it was too big for me. I went on to buy a Yamaha 100 trail bike and since then have had many other sport and cruiser bikes including the bigger ones like my favourite Yamaha R6.

At age 52 very little else holds my interest and gets my juices going as motorcycles does. My wife who now rides a new Honda Scoopy has ask me to restore a Honda C50 scooter she had from since 1995

I know your website says that you are not taking on any other projects now but I just wanted to show you this picture and the link for the BSA Tsunami bike

I have no intention of aquiring the bike myself nor have I contacted the seller. I just wanted to find someone who can give the time and money to stop the rot this bike is in. As a helicopter engineer my time away from work is limited and surely will not have time for such a project

I hope you can find some interest in this bike


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