Clubmans All-British Weekend 2008
March 29, 2008 - San Jose CA

Clubmans All British Weekend Show, motorcycle shows, classic motorcycles, BSAOC

The Clubmans All-British Weekend 2008 was so full of extraordinary bikes, that this incredible BSA factory racing triple had to actually compete for the viewers' eye.

The Clubman's shows are always something very special. Organized & put on by the San Jose chapter of the BSA Owners Club's (BSAOC) Don Danmeier & Barry Porter, it's a true labor of love & the biggest event in the world of Classic British Motorcycles all year long, in the Bay Area. This is a judged show with excellent judging as well as Peoples' Choice Awards.

Hundreds of owners, enthusiasts, collectors, restorers & lookers are drawn out of the woodwork by the hundreds of astounding Classic British Motorcycles. The show takes place in one of the exhibition halls at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose CA. It always takes place on the last Saturday of March. For 2008, that fell on March 29th. And what a show!!

By this time, the word about the success of this All British show spread to other Classic Motorcycle enthusiasts & they are now cooperating with the BSAOC to host their own shows in on the same day, in other exhibit halls at the fairgrounds. So now on one day, you can ogle gorgeous Classic British Motorcycles until your teeth hurt, the stroll over to the next building & drool on classic Japanese, European or American bikes. There's nothing else like it. Not in one place. And not indoors (very comfy).

If you love Classic Motorcycles, you need to be at the next Clubman's All-British Weekend in San Jose. This year, its on Saturday, March 27, 2011 again at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. You can enter your bike in the show (very easy & cheap, I've done it many times), or just attend to look at some great bikes. Overall, it's a great day of fun.

We'll take you on a quick tour of some of the eye-candy.

AJS V-twin, AJS motorcycles, motorcycle shows, classic motorcycles

The level of detail perfection on this AJS V-twin was amazing.

Vincent Black Shadow, motorcycle shows, classic motorcycles

This concourse-grade 1954 Vincent Black Shadow is typical of the quality of motorcycles you will see at a Clubman's All-British Weekend Show.

BSA motorcycles, motorcycle shows, classic motorcycles

Race bikes of every type span the entire spectrum of motosports. From the green Norton roadracer in the background to this delicious custom-framed BSA flat tracker. Love that fiberglass body. Is that an oldie from Fiberglass Works?

Vincent Black Shadow, Vincent motorcycles, motorcycle shows,

Some of the bikes out in the parking lot is as cool as the stuff in the show. Some valiant enthusiast rode this Vincent Black Shadow to the Clubman's & didn't even enter in the show!

Norton Commando, Norton 850 Commando, Norton motorcycles

Norton Motorcycles are always well represented at the show. The Norton Club usually has a booth. There are literally rows of sweet Norton Commandos to drool over.

Ariel Square Four, motorcycle shows, ariel motorcycles

There always seem to be a large number of Ariel Square Fours on hand.

clubmans all british weekend, motorcycle shows, yellow bike, triumph cafe racers

This shot gives you some idea of the size of this building & just how many bikes there were at the Clubmans All-British Weekend 2008. This is just one corner of it. Yes, that's my Yellow Bike.

Triumph choppers, Triumph Bobbers, triumph motorcycles

Did someone say "the entire spectrum"? One of the nice things about a Clubman Show is that you never know what you're going to see. They're not so strict that they eliminate things like this wild rigid-framed Triumph Bobber/Rat Bike. Check out that blacked-out '71-72 conical front hub with that 16-inch rim.

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