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The big Las Vegas Auctions all started with MidAmerica Auction Co, who built it up from a one-day sale with a couple of hundred bikes back in 1990 to the 3-day 700-bike powerhouse this auction became by 2011 or so. The gettin' was so good in Vegas that other auctioneers soon showed up. Bonhams was first with a one-day sale that has been on the Thursday of the same week as MidAmerica. Bonhams normally has around 300 bikes or so. In 2011, RM Auctions showed up and things got a little dicey. It appeared as though they were vying to dethrone MidAmerica as the King of the Vegas Auctions. They ran their sale on the same 3 days as MidAmerica, offered free breakfast to bidders, had celebrity meet-and-greets, and even had limos show up in front of the South Point Resort & Casino (where MidAmerica held its sale) attempting to lure bidders over to their sale. That's the nice thing about free enterprise. We the people vote with our dollars. MidAmerica had it's best year ever, and RM never showed up in Vegas again. A couple of years later, MidAmerica's owners retired and sold their wonderful family-owned business to classic car auction giants Mecum Auctions. Since then, Mecum has grown it to a 4-day sale with 1,000 bikes by 2017, and 2018 is slated as a 5-day sale with 1,750 bikes. All these Classic Motorcycle Auctions in one place has prompted the nickname "Motorcycle Auction Week", harkening to classic car "Auction Week" in Scottsdale each year, also in January, in fact usually the week before Vegas. We're going to both this January 2018. I generally don't buy or sell. But you don't have to to have a reason to go to Vegas. This is like the world's biggest classic motorcycle show. Rows and rows of vintage bikes of every type. I take tons of pictures and video for my two websites and I drool a lot.

Motorcycle Auctions are not only great places to buy or sell Classic British Motorcycles, they are really fun events, loaded with action. They become a barometer for the Classic Motorcycle market, helping to determine market demand & price/value of a wide range of models.

Tracking what sells & does not sell can tell you what is popular, which trends are emerging & which are drying up. Tracking prices of sold units reveals market value & demand. Tracking prices of unsold units can tell you what is 'too much' for a given model.

While very educational & informative, Auctions are also a real blast to attend. Lots of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts & collectors, nervous sellers, anxious buyers, there is an electricity in the air.
ABOVE: Rows & rows of incredible classic motorcycles. This was taken at Mecum's 2017 Vegas auction. They had 1,000 bikes on sale, this was just one of two such rooms full!

Motorcycle Auctions are all about the Bikes!

While most of the attendees at these Auctions are there to either buy or sell a classic bike, there are lots of guys like me that just enjoy looking at so many classic motorcycles in one place, under one roof. Of course, I'm on a mission: to take eye-popping pictures of gorgeous classic British motorcycles. But there are lots of other nice bikes too, more than you can count.
ABOVE: This drop-dead gorgeous 1973 Triumph X75 Hurricane ran through the 2011 MidAmerica Auction in Las Vegas.

Motorcycle Auction Coverage

I go to as many classic motorcycle auctions as I can. And when I go, I show up early enough to get some time with all those luscious bikes, before the crowds show up. It can be a challenge to take decent pictures when the bikes are all bunched together and surrounded by people. But somehow we manage. Below represents years of auctions we've attended for your information and enjoyment. They are arranged chronologically with the most recent one first, and the oldest ones last. Enjoy. And maybe we'll see you at the next big Classic Motorcycle Auction. I'll be easy to spot, I'm the guy taking all the pictures of the Brit bikes.

Classic Motorcycle Auctions

January 23-27, 2018

Mecum will have 1,750 bikes in this 5-day sale, the biggest ever! At the South Point Resort & Casino in Las Vegas NV.

Motoauct Online Vintage Auction

The world's first Online Vintage Motorcycle Auction site goes live on Nov 16, 2017.

Bonham's Auction, Las Vegas 2017
January 26, 2017
Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

The world's oldest auction house brought 200 bikes to the Rio in Vegas. The venue was too small & that created some issues. But a good sale with some gorgeous bikes.

Mecum Las Vegas Auction 2017
January 25-28, 2017
South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV

The grand daddy of all motorcycle auctions this year will be bigger than ever. Over 1,000 bikes are expected. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, or just someone who loves ogling gorgeous classic motorcycles, come to Vegas.

Thurs-Sat, January 8-10, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

A 24-year tradition continues as Mecum Auctions takes over for MidAmerica with over 750 motorcycles in their 3-day sale at the South Point. Joined again this year by Bonhams for a 1-day event on Thursday. 1000+ bikes. Don't miss it!

MidAmerica Las Vegas Auction-2014
Jan 9-11, 2014
South Point Casino & Exhibition Hall, Las Vegas NV

This is the big kahuna! 500+ drop-dead gorgeous classic motorcycles all being auctioned off over 3 high-RPM days! Plus indoor flat track racing at night. Don't miss this auction!!!

January 12-14
Las Vegas NV

MidAmerica Auctions, Bonhams & Butterfields, and RM Auctions America all showed up in Vegas the same week with over 1,000 bikes to sell! Wild times, baby!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011
San Jose CA

The historic Brooks Cycles (1960s Triumph dealership) closed 30 years ago & tons of bikes, parts & memorabilia never saw the light of day again until now. An estate sale was held & everything had to go! You've gotta see this one!

August 18 - 20, 2011
At Monterey Car Week, Monterey CA

200 Classic Motorcycles & over 600 Classic Cars, sold over 3 days, Thurs-Sat. At the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa, with cars spread out over the Del Monte Golf Course. At the same time as the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach.

JANUARY 6-8, 2011

MidAmerica's biggest & best Classic Motorcycle Auction in it's 20th year! At the South Point Casino in Vegas, over 500 bikes, races, a band & hot bidding action! This is the biggest classic motorcycle auction there is & its in the wildest city on the planet. Bikes, booze & Blackjack, what could be better!

Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV
January 6, 2011

Bonhams' inaugural Vegas auction with over 200 Classic Motorcycles rolling across the block. World's oldest motorcycle sells for $161K. Held at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino among their amazing classic car collection.

South Point Resort & Casino, Las Vegas NV
JANUARY 8-10, 2009

MidAmerica Auctions is one of the biggest & their Las Vegas auction in January is their biggest! 300+ bikes, glitz, glamour & action! Of course, it's in Vegas, so there's lots of fun to be had outside the auction as well.

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