norton mod 7,Matchy frame,6"extention

by Bruce Chant
(Timaru NZ)

Getting old with arthritis setting in means a life change.My first bike was the 500 domy (fetherbed).I was spoilt from the begining.Every bike since just hasnt cut it.This includes the two comandos.One of whitch i welded the iso.s up to get it around corners on our tight NZ roads.Both i couldnt get the power to the road.New clutche and all.I eather got clutch slip or internal brakage in the box.
Back to the life change.
I went to electric start japanees.Yes,good,had to have a good battery and charge system.Govt regos were going up in price so ended up with a bike being used 2 or 3 times a year.
The Canturbury plane in NZ are straght and flat for miles.I took me last bike out of the area and into some bike roads for a bit of fun.Went into the first desent corner at the ton and found i had to alter my line 3 times.Not good.The second corner and it went the other way.85mph and peeking on the adrenilin after the f^%* up and i had to change my line twice.
I turned the bike around then and there.Went home and a week later it was sold.Got the Domy when i was 16 and i have always had i bike in the shed.I was 57 when the above happened.Jan 2013 and i couldnt take it any more.I had to have me bike so i thought Domy again.No battery to go flat,low compreshion.Matchy multy piece frame and 68% balance.(no harmonics in the flexable frame)Vibration should be minamal.Old school NZ chopper.(6" extentions)
Here is the end result.Chromeing to be done this year.
Regards Bruce

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Sep 17, 2015
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